Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Touching Message from Yash's Brother Kavi

Kavi, Ashesh, Sonal and Yash

By Kavi Gandhi

How many kids can say that their dad has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro? Not too many. I am one of those few lucky ones.

When Pritesh uncle (kaka) told my dad about climbing Kilimanjaro, I thought it was a joke. Pritesh Kaka, my dad, and the rest of the Gandhi family got into deeper conversations. Soon after that, I realized this was getting serious. I was excited and a little bit nervous for all the climbers.
When Pritesh kaka decided that they should all climb for a cure for I cell disease, it made me feel so proud.  He worked very hard, it trying to get donations from lots of companies.
When so many people started donating to our foundation that didn’t know Yash, or us, it made me feel very happy to see how generous people are. We now have raised a lot of money!   When we were at the airport to drop daddy and Swetal Kaka off, I was nervous and excited for them.
Today, I got to Facetime my daddy.  He got me to talk to hotel manager. To her, it was pretty cool to talk to family miles away on a small phone! 
I knew they can do it. Lets get Elmo to the top!  Yash was an awesome brother to me. He was always there when I needed him to comfort me. Although he had I cell disease, I could still play with him, laugh with him, learn from him, and do a lot of other things with him. Yash and I had a spectacularly good relationship. We never fought with each other unlike other brothers and/or sisters. He would be very proud right now. I miss you a lot Yash.

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  1. Kavi,
    You are right. There are not many kids who can say that their dad and uncle climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. There also aren't many kids who got to have someone as special as Yash in their lives. I'm sure you miss him a lot, and I'm sorry if that makes you sad sometimes. I never got to meet Yash, but from what I've seen in his pictures he loved to Smile. I've always thought you were pretty great, Kavi, and I'll bet that someday if you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you will. If you do, Yash will be with you in your heart, and he'll have SUCH a big smile!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We are rooting for your dad and uncle to have a great climb!

    Mrs. Leonard and Julia

  2. Kavi,

    I don't know if you remember me, I use to do Reiki at the house with your mom and Yash. We got to color and play together the day Yash passed on. I had to fly to a baby shower for my daugher, who was in Ashley's (you met her for your party before Yash passed on) belly at the time. She is now almost 3. I have to tell you that you and Yash have inspired me so much. I did not always get along with my brothers and sister, and as a kid my family was not always loving. So, I had fears to have a family, because I did not want to have kids who fought with each other and did not love each other. Then I met your family. I have never felt so much love and support in a home. I loved eating over after I did Reiki. My wife at the time was in NYC, and it was nice to be with such a loving family, and the food was so good!!! You guys amazed me. And I do remember Yash's Elmo and your drum! Your story telling and acting was awesome. Do you still play music? You have a great Dad and Mom. I hope I can be as good as parents as they are, they are so brave and so loving. Your Dad is climbing a mountain!!! Guess what I live in a valley between two mountains in Ashland, Oregon. My daughter, Lyla and Ashley my wife go hiking up Mt Ashland and Mt Shasta as much as we can. I have made it to the peak of Mt Ashland, but I have not yet got to go to the peak of Mt Shasta, maybe one day we can do it with both our families, if your family ever goes on a vacation out here. It will be a breeze for your Dad after climbing Mt Kilamanjaro. It is twice as tall as Mt Ashland and about 7,500 taller than Shasta. I know your dad will keep amazing you as you are amazing him every day. We have a new baby coming any day now, and it has been a little hard waiting for baby to be born. However, people like you, who inspire me, help me stay positive and excited each day for baby to be born. You have inspired me to have more than one kid, so maybe my Lyla and her new baby brother or sister can love each other and have as much fun as Yash and you have had together. Know YASH is SO PROUD of you. He is always looking down on you and he is always grateful to have such a wonderful brother. YOU ARE A HERO my friend. My hero of the day! Keep writing so I can hear more.



    PS Tell your mom I say hi and when your Dad comes home give him a high five for me!

  3. Wow! What an amazing thing your Dad is doing. You must feel so proud to come from a family who is so incredibly brave. I am the mother of a little girl named Gabrielle who has I-cell and he has three brothers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your brother must have just adored you! We'll be following the trek closely so keep the posts coming!
    Love from Canada,
    The Ross family

  4. Kavi you are such a special little boy! Yash was lucky to have you as his brother. I am following your Dad and family as they climb. Your the BEST:)

    Miss Amy

  5. This is such an insightful and touching essay Kavi! Its obvious that you were a caring, loving and patient brother to Yash. I am praying for a successful climb and for many more funds raised for the Foundation. Warmest wishes to you and your family.

    ~ Monica Shah

  6. Thank you everybody for your kind comments



  7. Good luck to you all and wish you all the best

  8. Kavi, From what I have read on this blog, you are a pretty amazing young man and were a good brother and friend to Yash. You must miss him so much but I hope your happy memories of him bring smiles to your face. Your dad and his friends and family are doing something pretty incredible to honor Yash and help other kids who are dealing with i-cell. Your whole family is an inspiration to me. I will be reading this blog often and cheering for your dad's team on the climb!

  9. What a wonderful story about your daddy's climb and your brother Yash! Thank you for sharing Kavi!