Saturday, December 8, 2012

Countdown to Kili - T Minus 5 Days

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope everyone is well and is getting into the holiday spirit!

Well, we begin our climb in 5 days!  As you can imagine, this is indeed going to be a trip of a life time.  We have had numerous workouts, multiple conversations on what gear to purchase and read several blogs about the intensity of the climb.  On December 13th, Team Kili for I-Cell will commence the five-day ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa.  

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for your encouraging words and generous contributions to the Yash Gandhi Foundation.  Over the last three months, with your help in driving this grass roots initiative to find a cure for i-cell (a rare genetic disease), we were able to achieve the following:

  • Build a fully functional as to augment global awareness and create a vehicle for parents and caregivers to connect with each other; 
  • Raise over $15,000 that will solely be dedicated to fund translational research to find a cure for i-Cell; and
  • Win the Pfizer Volunteerz challenge as one of the top 10 most voted and inspiring projects among 158 project applications received from 25 countries
Please visit the website if you have not already done so.  Depending on the strength of the wireless network, we plan on providing live feeds of our trip.  Please visit to read about our climb and the Foundation!

Kindly continue the momentum and spread the word so as to make a difference in the lives of patients, their families and heath care providers.   

Happy Holidays!

Sincerely and on behalf of Team Kili for i-Cell,


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