Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 4 - Climbing to Karanga Camp

December 16, 2012
By Swetal Gandhi - We are rock climbing right  now.  Going to Karanga Camp.  I am fine.  Walking up right now.
File photo of Karanga Camp
By Pritesh Gandhi - We left for Karanga camp at about 9:00 am.  Once again, the terrain was like no other we had seen.  On a number of occasions, we felt like we were rock climbing.  Views of water falls, fresh water streams and green vegetation intermingled with each other was indeed unique.  We made it to Karanga camp in 4 hrs 15 min; just in time for lunch.  For lunch, we had chips (for the Americans, fries) and pasta.  Achal and Preena brought noodles with them from Nairobi so we asked out chef, Amadeus, to make them for us.  After a few laughs, mainly making fun of Ronak, we had  much needed time to just chill! 

Just finished climbing Baranco Wall.  Two more hours to camp.  Day 4 is SO MUCH BETTER than Day 3.  Day 3 was just brutal.  We are all doing well.  We are now at 4200 m and it is 10:30 am local time.  We have safely reached camp!  Time for lunch!  Ronak thinks every Swahili sentence ends in an exclamation point!

Simran, Sia and Arav Cheering on the Team!

Hi!  I am writing this to you as we rest before our really long day tomorrow.  Today was a relatively easier day compared to yesterday.  In the morning, we had a spectacular view of Baranco Wall and right behind it was Uhuru Peak.  After a hearty breakfast consisting of porridge, eggs and toast we did our routine vital signs.  All our oxygen saturation values were good.  Most importantly, Swetal's values were excellent compared to the night before.  He looked really good as well and was his normal self.  It is really amazing how the numbers on a machine change your outlook for the day.


  1. So glad everyone's doing ok. Beautiful photo of the glowing tent in the foreground. Porridge reminds me of my childhood in England - we used to eat that for breakfast there too :) Best of luck today!

    - Monica

  2. Dilpa, Thank you for sharing the incredible journey your family members are able to do on behalf of your nephew Yash. I am enjoying their daily notes and am praying all will go as they have wished. Jody Abigando